Promised Land Crops - Genesis Microbial Soil Enhancer Outperforms the competitionIn a Corn – No Till double blind study conducted with Michigan State University done in Southern Mississippi during extremely dry weather conditions without irrigation, 30 test plots with six blind applications of products were used.

Genesis with Sumagrow  outperformed all of the competition with a 25% increase in corn by total weight, number of ears, and number of plants.  Genesis with Sumagrow had 2,082 pounds per acre more than the control, nearly twice the increase of next best product!

In another study done by the University of Michigan under greenhouse conditions with irrigation over a three year time period, Genesis with Sumagrow was put to the test against Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium (NPK) fertilizer.

Genesis with Sumagrow corn crops measured 96.25 inches, while Genesis with Sumagrow + NPK measured 90 inches, NPK only measured 56.3 inches.

Genesis with Sumagrow corn crops had a 47.4 chlorophyll content, while Genesis with Sumagrow + NPK had 40.3, NPK only had 33.8.

Total yeild for Genesis with Sumagrow was 563, Genesis with Sumagrow + NPK was 384.9, and NPK only was 119.

Genesis with Sumagrow enjoyed a 71% increase over NPK in plant height, 40.24% increase in chlorophyll content, and a 373% increase in yeild!

Corn Silage

Research on the effect of Genesis with Sumagrow on corn silage

Genesis with Sumagrow will increase your silage yeild

Genesis with Sumagrow will increase your silage yeild

With a treatment schedule of 1 gallon per acre of Genesis with Sumagrow at planting vs. a control of no treatment, Genesis with Sumagrow showed a 16.84% yeild increase, with a yeild of 16.34 tons of silage per acre.  Total value of $23,528 as opposed to $20,136.80 for the control.